Gillian Cochrane – Kennel Attendant

Gillian joined the Two Sisters team in October 2021 and has been helping dogs have a positive experience during their stay ever since. Helping with all types of animals, but most especially dogs, is a big part of how she defines herself. Gillian has 10 years of experience helping animals at Iowa City Animal Care & Control, among other places, which helped her develop a greater appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes at any vet office, boarding kennel, grooming salon, or animal control center.
With her own dogs, Gillian does a variety of organized dog sports, which include flyball, frisbee, and lure coursing. Gillian enjoys training her own animals and feels it’s a great way to bond and communicate with your pet. Not only does she train her dogs, but she also works on trick training her two pairs of bonded bunnies, Gimli & Bertha, and Buttercup & Sven. She shares her life and house with her animal companions and knows how hard it can be to leave them behind when you travel. The excellent care your pets will get at Two Sisters means you no longer have to worry!

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